Thursday, January 22, 2009

just a memory

Maybe it was because I was thinking of summer yesterday,
but last night I was longing for a good
rain, lightening, thunder
desert monsoon storm.

As I laid in bed, cozied up to Hubby
I thought of sitting on the tail gate of my dad's truck
breathing in the smell of desert rain
and watching it ripple and dance in gathering puddles
and streams.

Then my thoughts took a turn to my eighth birthday.
I had no idea that the details of that day 
are etched so clearly in my brain.
I was in Greer at the "cabin" of my grandparents.
I wore a bright shirt that said
"I Love the Great Outdoors."
That shirt was really my dad's. It was enormous
on me, but it was my favorite and I wore it that day.
I remember walking through the tall grasses
to the pond,
thinking on the trust and responsibility 
I felt that came with being eight. 
I would be baptized soon, after all.
I went fishing with my dad. 
Later he took me into "town"
which then was one store and a gas station.
In the store he told me I could pick out anything
for my birthday present.
I chose a folder with a stitched teddy bear on it.

That evening I was tucked under my grandma's arm
and we were tossing pop corn to the birds and squirrels.
Then one of those
wonderful summer storms rolled in
and we watched the rain together.
I think that might have been the moment 
I fell in love 
with watching the rain.

Last night 
-while this memory was playing 
like a movie in my mind-
I realized that it was the next year that
my grandma passed on.
It is the last clear and happy memory I have of her.

That might be why I love those summer storms so much.


Kristina P. said...

What a beautiful memory. My grandmother passed away about 10 years ago as well.

gramee said...

it isn't summer but it rained this morning..
i opened my window.. to watch.
i was thinking how beautiful arizona is.
now you have me thinking about my grand mother she passed away 7 years ago this month. happy memories rain..and grandmothers

Laurie said...

Beautifully written!

Angie said...

Hey Heather! I'm gonna get updated on your blog. I love the Declare Summer post! You are too funny and so ingenius!

Pink Ink said...

I don't mind storms so long as I am tucked in safe and dry in a comfy bed.

Jillene said...

What a beautiful post!! I love the rain--especially a warm summer rain.

Love the new look!!

wonder woman said...

I love summer thunderstorms, too. We had great onw growing in the midwest. My brother, my dad and I would go out on the porch swing and listen to/watch the rain.

It rained here today. I pleasantly surprised that it wasn't snow.

Great post. Love the header, too.

Jessica said...

nothing like sitting on a tailgate and watching a monsoon... boy.. I used to love watching them in the carport.

Hey, great header by the way, it is really cute.

::Jan:: said...

A very touching story Heather. Thanks for the reminder of those things that bring back some fond memories. Man I love this so much.

Looks so good in here too. You are doing such a great job with your blog.

Kaylynn said...

Beautiful memory and beautifully written. I'm glad I know you before you get famous!

da Bergs said...

There is nothing like a good/happy memory!!! AND, I really really like your new header!!!

wendy said...

You changed your header again --and again, it looks awesome. I love Thunder storms. Well, not the thunder and lightening, kinda spooks me, but I love the smell of rain, the feel of rain, the sound of it. It can foster up alot of different memories. thanks for sharing that lovely story

susette said...

You definitely are in a summer mood at your house. It will be here before we know it.

Melissa said...

So beautiful! There's nothing quite like a grandma, is there? I miss mine so much.

Kimberly said...

Mmmm! I love me a good summer storm! This post is lovely. How nice to be able to associate something so magnificent with a beautiful person in your life! Lovely!

kitchenditcher said...

Ooohhh...I have some great memories about rain and storms. Isn't it amazing how much they affect our lives?

Great post.

Viva Las Vegas said...

I was taking about the flesh friends, all of you are wonderful and have never bothered me at all..
I am still going to blog, it helps me.

~ym said...