Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear Neighbor,

When I was out on my walk today I happened to notice the Halloween decorations adorning your front door. While your little pumpkins and ghosts are darling, I'd like to remind you that is is still August and that Fall doesn't officially start until... well, I'm not exactly sure, but NOT YET. I know that. It is still summer and so lets just keep enjoying summer, shall we? 



P.S. Should your little decorations happen to disappear overnight, it wasn't me. I promise. I'm sure you have disturbed more people than just me by your quickness to push fall onto us all.


Dear Megan,

Your pumpkin bread was delicious. We ate it all up really quick, but I think YOU need a reminder too. I think we should make something summery this weekend. And I think we should get out the beach towels and run through sprinklers, and maybe pull out the sidewalk chalk 'cause we said we wanted to and as much as I hate to admit this: the cold IS coming soon and cold, as Hubby often says about the Gilmore Girls, is a "fun sponge." In other words our window of opportunity is closing -and quickly. 

Call me,


Kristina P. said...

I'm surprised her decorations for Halloween weren't up after the 4th of July!

Laurie said...

Amen! Stinkin' commercialism forcing holidays on us too soon!!

Dione said...

When I saw the Halloween decorations out at Wal-mart I literally stopped pushing the shopping cart to concentrate on what month it was. I'm not kidding! It really confused me.

Jessica said...

I wish halloween was 3 months.. that would awesome. but your right, and it isn't.

Kimberly said...

Yeah, I'm not so into the whole fall-coming-soon thing. I mean, with school started now its inevitable, but I'm certainly not diggin' it.
Enjoy summer while it lasts. I can't agree about the Gilmore Girls, but I can agree about summer! :)

Rachel Sue said...

That's just silly. Honestly, people. It's like playing Christmas music the day after Halloween. Drives me nuts.

Emma said...

I hate it when people put up that crap to early. It's not even sep.
Enjoy the weather because you are right cold times are a coming.

Genny said...

This one caught my eye because I can't wait to put up my fall decorations! I'm holding off, though, because it definitely still feels like summer here! (It's up to 100 degrees this week!)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Yes amen! Sept. 20th. that is date. I have put that challenge to refrain out in blogland. :)

val of the south said...

The week before people, is plenty of time to decorate for a holiday - not MONTHS before. Always annoyed me.

I will join you in removing them, if you need help :)

Emryn said...

Fall officially starts around Sept 21st, which is sadly when summer officially ends.