Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i am pathetic. i realize this. and for now i am okay with it.

This pregnancy thing is such a strange, strange miracle.
I know {basically} all of you have had kids,
so I know you know what I mean.
My body is not my own anymore.
It's round in places I've never been round.
It's very demanding with it's wants and needs.
Something will taste fabulous for three bites,
and the fourth makes me want to puke.
Like Pam (and Kevin) on The Office,
I have breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, second lunch....
Sleeping through the night is over for me.
It all seems to be going exactly as it should, and yet
I'm not sure I've ever been so stressed.
I want everything to go exactly right.

Last week my aunt posted on facebook:
Eating sunflower seeds and rereading Harry Potter.

And I remembered Harry Potter.

I've often times used reading as an escape.
An escape from things I'm not ready to deal with.
For example:
When I have doctors appointments, I like to
burry myself in a book before the appointment.
Then I take it with me. I read to distract myself
from my fears. I read in the waiting room,
I read in the little room while I wait for the doc.
I guess you could say it's like a drug to me.

So... you'll understand why I am now
two books deep into rereading the
Harry Potter series, and you'll understand
why I'm not so present in the blogging world.

I'm with my friends Harry, Ron, and Hermione.


Kristina P. said...

And you should be there!

Rachel Sue said...

I totally do the same thing. Harry Potter is my go to book when I am sick or when I have had an especially bad day.

It's like comfort food. Only, a book!

Suzanne said...

As an avid reader myself, I totally understand! Happy Reading to you! You will probably make it through the entire series and then some!

As you were describing your body not being your own, I chuckled. The thought came to my mind, just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait!

Have a lovely day! -Suzanne

Blake said...

Sometimes I wish you could just like a blog like you can like a facebook status. I hope you enjoy your reading and I hope all continues to go well. Alli =)

Blake said...
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Meganis said...

don't feel silly...i just started number 7 again!!!

Sara said...

I am 26 week pregnant and I too have to agree that my body is NOT my own anymore. It has ben 5 years since my last successful pregnancy and I forgot how crappy it is not to sleep through the night.
As for Harry Potter....Just got my mom to read them for the first time ever! She loved them and read book 7 twice! Now she wants to go and get all the movies and watch them!
I love getting lost in a good book. I too take a book to the Dr.'s office! Right now it is No Doubt About it by Sheri Dew.

Melinda said...

I'm on my tenth book since January started. I so get using reading as an escape!

Sam said...

Your body isn't your own and won't be your own again for some time... once the baby comes you'll be nursing every 2 hours. You're not pathetic... just coping :) And that's ok. Miss you.

bear said...

You are not pathetic--just PREGNANT, Enjoy the ride and all the changes that come with it.
do you know I have not read ONE single Harry Potter book or any of the movies.
Not into it.

wendy said...

OK, that comment above..that says bear---IT's ME. I was on my hubbys computer.

Holloway Family said...

I loved being pregnant, except for the part when I was sick and couldn't see my feet. By the way that was from day one!!!!! I did find that I had more time for pampering me because of the high risk of my pregnancies. I read more, crochet more, cross stitch more and sleep more. I LOVE all of my children, both living and gone, but getting them here and providing them with physical bodies was no trip in the park. Good luck and enjoy those books!!!

Amy said...

I liked the 3rd HP book the best. Enjoy!

The Instigator said...

Your body is not your own anymore? I've got news for you honey - your LIFE is not your own anymore. Your life has officially been placed on the "back-burner!" But.... like most women - you wouldn't have it any other way.