Friday, December 10, 2010

there is a mouse in my house

Last night there was just no such thing as sleep. That little critter is in the wall that is in our bedroom and all night he scratched and scratched and scratched at that wall. I'm pretty sure he's trying to make a little mouse house, like the ones in cartoons. I find it all very unnerving.

Half of my wanted to lob a shoe at the wall, the other half said: If you do that, you won't know where he is anymore. And that is even more unnerving.

So I listened to his scratching all. night. long.

And it all reminded me of a mouse story of mine.

Our first house was in one of those new developments that bordered on the Arizona desert. Being so close to nature meant that we quite often found unwelcome wildlife in our living space.

I went out to my car to grab something & saw that a raisin box had been shredded to tiny little bits on the floorboard of the passenger side. My first thought was: Ko-da! But then I realized there is no possible way our rottie was capable of making bits so small. The only possible explanation was... a mouse! A mouse! In. my. car!!

Hubby, very kindly, went on the hunt for me -even going as far as completely removing the back seat, under which, was a nest [shudder] made up of -among other things- sunflower seeds.
We hadn't had sunflower seeds in our car for at least a month, which could only mean that my little friend had been riding with me for a long time. [double shudder] We probably shared at least 6 boxes of Wheat Thins.

The trap we set in the car never caught him, but one in the garage caught A mouse -so I just told myself that it was the same one. Because knowing that there is a mouse in your car is kinda creepy.

Probably worse than a mouse in a house, but still!
We have traps set in the basement & we've put in a call to pest control people. Cross your fingers we can be relocated to the Great Outdoors soon!!


Amanda Joy said...

My mom has a little farm and naturally gets mice every once in a while from the field. The whole time we were at Disneyland Asher would see anything Mickey Mouse shaped and say "There's a mouse in my house" needless to say we were very done with that phrase at the end of the trip:)

Good luck! Peanut Butter caught the mouse at my mom's within two days.

Natalie said...

Our neighbor introduced herself last week for the first time in the 12 months we've lived in our home. She didn't come over to spread holiday cheer or anything - she wanted us to know she'd seen a raccoon larger than most small dogs climbing our downspout. So the noises we've been hearing in the attic that we'd assumed was a squirrel is actually some monster raccoon. Awesome. Pretty sure that's what's wrong with our air ducts up there, too. Can't wait to see how much it's going to cost to fix. :)

Holloway Family said...

We used to have a family of skunks living under our trailer! And I was pregnant!!

Aunt Merrilee said...

Cute story about the mice! I think eveyone has one or two. Marnie got bit by a rat a big one when we lived in Gila Bend she was two. She thought it was dead and reached down to pick it up and it bit here. Had to have it tested for rabies. Hope you catch the little critter. Peanut butter is great because they can't grab it and run so they get caught by the trap. Good Luck.

Michelle said...

You're braver than I. I'd be checked into a hotel until the little critter was found. I once made my husband carry me out to the car and then stomp around in his underwear, army boots, and a hockey stick until he could guarantee me that mouse was gone! Don't do so well with those little things.

jules said...

OMG, one of my last posts is about a mouse! Good luck! They are absolutely infuriating even if they are kind of cute. We purchased "spin traps." They are more expensive, but you can't see the damage. *Shudder.

Rachel Sue said...

YOu know, the media (disney) really needs to stop making cute little mice movies. Because we have a mouse. And while it grosses me out (the diseases and all) I just cannot bring myself to kill it. There is something wrong with me.