Friday, December 31, 2010

this year...

It's been quite a year. It began with a move to another state, shortly followed by a positive on a pregnancy test. A lot of you are new to my blog I think, so you might not know about the miscarriage last year, nor the 3 year struggle with infertility. The move was hard. The positive on the pregnancy test was hard too. Happy, yes, but hard. From January to June I was scared to death of losing another one. I didn't do much because I was sick, and because I was afraid. I read books, and became best friends with Netflix, and tried NOT to think about being pregnant.

In September the baby came. And I delivered him naturally, and I learned a lot about myself. I gained a lot of self-confidence. And I am finally a mother. And I love this new calling. I love it. Hubby and I both love it. It's the best thing there is, parenthood.

We've also knew for a while that it was highly likely that Hubby would have to deploy sometime this year. And he did. Just recently. And now The Little Pirate and I are staying with my parent's in Arizona. Our little world is still a bit topsy, turvy. We're trying to get into a routine, but we're not quite there yet, which is why my blogging is so hit and miss at the moment.

This also meant that the whole Christmas season was kind of pushed to a back burner for us. We didn't have decorations. I never did get that chance to just sit and think on things in the glow of tree, which is one of my very favorite things to do, because we didn't have a tree.

And so I'm doing it now. Without the tree. Without the lights. And a week after Christmas. But I am so thankful for this year, for what I've learned about myself, for this new baby that has blessed our life. We are truly blessed.

And I've been thinking about what I'd like to give the Savior for Christmas this year. And all I've been able to come up with, that I know I can for sure follow through on, is a study of His life this year. Get better at reading the scriptures. Get better at serving my neighbors. And try to be a little more grateful for my current situation. Especially because I chose it.

I chose it.


Kelly L said...

Congrats on your little pirate. Much love and happiness to you in 2011
I've Become My Mother

Holloway Family said...

Oh wow! I had no idea you've had had such a difficult time. Prayers are with you all. I understand about the miscarriages (I've lost four, two of those were mid-pregnancy loses), the last one in February of 2009, the first one was a twin to my oldest girl who is now 21 and on a mission. Congratulations on The Little Pirate, and prayers with the soldier. My hubby was deployed 20 years ago for six months. I look forward to reading your blog throughout the next year.
Pam in Brussels, Belgium

Cynthia said...

As a new military wife - My husband joined the Army this summer and has been in training since August...he will finish training just in time for baby #3 to make an apperance - but I know that this seperation will not be the last...I pray for you and your family and I am thankful for all our military families.

Enjoy your little pirate - they grow up way too fast. Blessings on a fabulous 2011!

Melanie said...

hope you were able to have a nice Christmas! And hope you are doing ok with the hubby gone. It was so nice to see you guys when you passed through!

susette said...

Heather, I still read your blog faithfully but haven't been commenting much on anyone's blogs. With the loss of my 18 year old son only in March it's been an extremely challenging year as well and fighting depression has been a daily battle. I love the challenge you have posted and would like to participate. I sent you a note from your other blog as well. Email me with what you think about sending you the money directly. Thanks :)

Laurie said...

Heather, I'm so glad you like to write, because I LOVE reading about how awesome you are!! I know that's not your reason for writing, but I'm SO grateful to you for sharing your life and your wisdom.

I'm so glad you're in Arizona. I can't wait to get together!!

Kazzy said...

Best wishes while your husband is away. That would be tough, but it does sound like you have so much to be grateful for. All the best in 2011.

Rachel Sue said...

How long will he be gone? I have always admired the wives of those who serve. They amaze me. You are included in that.

And also a great example.