Thursday, February 24, 2011

five always has been my lucky number

The Little Pirate is now 5 months old,
and the little darling
has finally decided
he wants to take
long afternoon naps!!
I just might be back on my way to sanity!

I know it's a little TAMN-ish,
but I'm back to a size 5.
(Seriously, my butt will never see the insides
of my pre-pregnancy jeans again, but I'm totally cool with that.)
(There is such a thing as too skinny & I was it.)


Heidi said...

Love everything about this! BTW, I wrote my first book (not miss d but one that isn't published) during the afternoon naps my oldest took. Relish it!

Amy said...

Newsflash! Size 5 is still too skinny...unless you're asian.

Love ya! haha

GrumpyGratefulMom said...

Hooray for afternoon naps! Mine is one and still is having trouble just sleeping through the night! Congratulations on losing the baby weight. Blogging has actually helped me with mine. I blog at night instead my nightly cereal binge:) Janae