Thursday, February 10, 2011

i have fallen and i can't get up

Or at least I felt this way at 3:42 this morning, which was when I started this post.

The babe has been sick.
It started about a week ago in the form of congestion. Nothing that a humidifier, diffusing Breathe, and an occasional nasal spray-age wouldn't clear up.
Then it progressed into cranky.

Cranky like: over-tired because I'm congested.

Also cranky like: I'm bored of these same ol' toys, on this same ol' blanket, with the same ol' people everyday.

Also cranky like: teething.

I figured that the congestion was par for the course with a babe at night in the winter, because somehow it was pretty much a night-time problem, not so much a day time problem. I figured the cranky had everything to do with teething. I mean, he's drooling buckets & trying to chew on anything he can get to his mouth, including me -which happens to hurt.

Anyway... the short of the story is this: By last night I was exhausted, because we've been having a lot of long, long nights around here lately, and last night was a particularly bad one.

It feels like there is no such thing as getting ahead anymore. It's like I'm stuck on Survival mode. At least thats how it felt at 4 am. Thankfully my momma was able to take the Little Pirate for a couple hours because I needed those two hours badly.

The fact that I am happy, and reasonably sane today is a testament to Priesthood Blessings. The one Will was given on Monday night, which took the fever away, and the one I got this morning -at 4:16, just before my dad left for work.

Anyway, we took the babe to the doc today because I'd feel terrible guilt if he was actually sick, which turns out he's something, but the doc didn't know what. Her best guess: it's just a cold. And the rash he developed yesterday is signaling that he's on his way to feeling better.

Here's to hopin'!


Laurie said...

I'm glad it's not something worse! But boy, I sure hope you can get some sleep today!! (As I write this at 4:48 am after being awake for 3 hours... Kind of ironic!)

Amanda Joy said...

Having a sick baby is rough. You hate to see thier pain, and you hate the exhaustion you are feeling. Blah! I had to take Abbie to the doctor yesterday too. I prayed it would be something tangible, that antibiotics could fix, and it was. She had an ear infection. Today you wouldn't even know that yesterday was so rough for her. Here's to hoping that the Little Pirate feels 100% soon:)

Rachel Sue said...

I'm sorry! Sick babies are not fun at all. I hope he gets over it quickly. And summer shows up soon. That always seems to help.

angieinpink said...

oh sister, i'm sooooo sorry. i hope the little pirate feels better soon & that you can get some much needed rest. email me when you're feelin' up to it & we'll get together!

Heidi said...

These are hard days but it does get easier. I can't remember much about the other two (they're 21 and 16) but I do remember spending pretty much every minute I could in bed when my 9 year old was an infant. It's kind of demoralizing in a way but they sure are worth it!

Walters Family said...

I feel for you. I remember when my kids were teething they would run a fever AND have a rash. I asked the doctor over and over again about the rash being connected to teething and the answer was always no... so how do you explain 6 kids getting rashes on their bottoms when they were teething (and running a fever)!??
Good luck... hope those teeth come in soon!!