Thursday, February 17, 2011

i want to live richly

My kid brother had some friends over the other night for a fire. They made s'mores, played songs on the guitar, and every once in a while their laughter would belt out through the night air -and make me smile.

I remember when it was me out there, with my friends -Randon & Joe, with their guitars. Brooke with her jokes. Eventually that little group of ours went our ways. I've cycled through so many groups of friends -people get married, disappear, move on... But that wasn't the point of this post.

The point of the post was living richly.

I'm feeling the need to find more joy in the simple things.
Like campfires. Like night skies and sunrises.
I'm feeling a need to get out more, to explore the world around me, to try new things, to visit new places.
I'd like to begin celebrating days, for no other reason than that they exist, and I get to exist in them.
I'd like to throw little parties of my own,
like this one, or this one.
I want to truly embrace life,
and all the beautiful things it has to offer.
I want to live richly.

Maybe I'll make some invitations today.

Theme suggestions?


Momza said...

tip from an old woman:
go to lunch with your girlfriends every week. No one has to cook or clean-up. It saves my sanity.

Brittany said...

Have a bunco night! I do it with girlfriend once a month and I have SO much fun. It sounds lame... I know. I thought it was going to be but seriously its so much fun. The girls I play with all bring 8 dollars. But you could also do a winners basket. So every month you pick a theme and everyone brings something to put in the winners basket.

Heidi said...

I know I come across as terribly materialistic but I used to be more so. Now, I value experiences so much more. They are really the only things you can take with you--what you experience. These days, my "materials" are about creating an atmoshphere that gives me the experience I want. (Does it sound like I'm justifying?)

iamwoman said...

DO IT! Do you really want to get me started on themes? A really really fun party to throw is a high school party or pajama party. There is something so great about adult women in their pajamas, eating junk food, and listening to awesome music. So simple and so relaxed. That's why I throw parties in the first be part of an experience that is out of the celebrate the simple stuff.

Thanks for the plug-in there, cutie;)

Emryn said...

I am with you on this. I am coming to Mesa for a week and half (Feb 24-Mar 4). Maybe we should have a get together party :)

Rachel Sue said...

I saw on a blog not to long ago that they have a soup night every once in a while and thought how fun would that be?

I know what you mean. I realized about a year ago that I was not taking advantage of the life going on around me and I wanted to change that. It makes life more interesting!

val of the south said...

I love this post - especially the part about celebrating days...I quoted you on my blog...and linked.

And I wish you were here, because I totally want to come to your party :)

Cherie said...

This is the way I feel I have lived my life so far and I don't regret a minute!! I throw parties all the time for various reasons, I am the one who gets people together for vacations or women's retreats, etc... - I believe in experiencing life!
Go for it - Enjoy it - It's out there waiting!!

Great post!

Michelle said...

Parties can be great. Some of my most successful were where I just asked a group of friends to come, bring a munchie and play games.

Over the years, though, as my children have started to grow and leave, I've found that living life richly is more about enjoying the small moments with your family. Have an "estrogen" party and get together for a chick flick night with your sisters and mother and aunts. Throw a "sunset" party and go for a walk and picnic with your husband at sunset. Throw a "50s" or an "80s" or a "90s" party and look at pictures of you, your parents, and grandparents with your little one snuggled on your lap.

Karen Peterson said...

I think this is such a great thing. Living richly is something that I try to do. I get caught up in the mundane tasks of everyday, but when I see myself getting into a rut, I try to do something to mix it up a bit.

Have fun with your party!

Walters Family said...

You are awesome! I love reading your comments as they make me "think" and be grateful for all the things we sometimes take for granted. Thank you for your thought provoking blog. One day I want to have a girls night out and call it "Hats and Heels" we dress up in pretty outrageous hats and where awesome high heels. Some day I will do that. Kind of like the "Tutu's and knee sock" party that Krissa went to with cousins and friends.