Thursday, March 10, 2011

i am my own hero

I saved my life today.
It cost $85.

This morning began like most mornings.
The babe was happy.
I was happy.
We played.
Then I gave him Second Breakfast
and he began to doze off,
like he usually does.
Some mornings I just hold him,
because this nap is usually pretty short,
and I like to hold him.

This morning I needed
a shower,
so I went to plug in Baby E
because Baby E has this
magical ability
to keep The Little Pirate happy
whether awake,
almost sleeping,
or almost awake.

I got the DVD player fired up,
the disc inserted,
play pressed,



So, I tried it all again.
I could hear it trying to work,
but like a printer with a paper jam,
it was simply not. working.
It wouldn't read the disc.

This was seriously disappointing,
but not the end of the world.
He was almost asleep
and he could just chill in the swing
without the t.v. while I showered.

So I put him in the swing,
only to discover
(horror of horrors)
the swing died.
Bit the dust.
Gave up the ghost.


So, I did the only thing that
seemed reasonable to me.
I put (semi)clean clothes over this smelly body,
ran a brush through this greasy hair,
swallowed all my pride,
and went and bought
a DVD player ($30),
and a new (used) swing ($55),
if I don't have at least one
of those two things working for me,
I. might. die.


Cynthia said...

I so know that feeling!

val of the south said...

Isn't it funny the lengths you'll go to have a shower...I remember those days. I'm so glad you found a combo that works...and well worth every penny!!

Valerie said...

Haha! Glad you are now able to shower in peace. I never found anything that worked with my first so I'd just hear him screaming while I took the fastest shower possible. But those days are past for me now. Now I just hear my kids screaming at each other when I'm in the shower. :)

Doran & Jody said...

Good thinking!

I don't miss those "when am I going to fit a shower in" days.

I smell much better these days. :)