Thursday, March 3, 2011

i give myself permission

"I completely love, accept, and forgive myself" became a mantra of mine back in 2008, when I was falling apart. Back then I didn't fully love, accept, or forgive myself. But words have power and I've made about a million miles in progress since 2008.

And in this progress I have noticed something. There are very, very few women in my life who take credit for themselves. Who readily accept compliments. Who seem to genuinely
love, accept, and forgive themselves. I've decided the majority of us are self-critical, take issue with certain aspects of our appearances, beat ourselves up over mistakes (big or small), and feel prideful if we claim our strengths.

I've noticed that since becoming a mother these tendencies in myself have magnified. More than once I've said, "I'm a terrible mother!" But then I remember words have power, so I correct myself and say things like, "I'm a good mom, I'm still learning." or "I'll do better next time."

I used to think that being self-critical was the same as desiring to do better, to become better, but I have come to realize it is not.

I've also come to rethink the word "perfect." My life is perfect. Not perfect as in, without flaw, but perfect as in: the set of trials and challenges before me are exactly perfect for my progression. Heavenly Father, the Master Teacher, has created the perfect set of lesson plans, the perfect curriculum, the perfect IEP (if you know what I mean) for me, for my life. And I am living that life the best way I know how, in this way I am perfect. In this way, we are all perfect.


Sam said...

Thanks for this... it was a needed reminder today. :)

Rachel Sue said...

I'm glad I'm your friend.

Rachel Sue said...

That came out wrong. I'm glad YOU are my friend. better.

Laurie said...

Ditto to Rachel Sue!!

Jessica said...

This is really good, I certainly had my days where I question things about myself. I like your words of power.

Julie said...

I love the way you worded this. Thank you for sharing it. I am one of those self-critical ones, so you've given me much to think about. Wonderful!

brudcrew said...

Very nice perspective. Thanks.

Morgan -Ing said...

Yes! I so agree with the idea that perfection is merely what we are as we are... does that make sense? We are moving toward perfection in the real and actual sense. And as we move, we are perfect in our working toward it... hmm. So interesting.

michelle said...

Just read your post on MMB. All I can say is that I believe motherhood might possibly be as much about us and our process of becoming as it is about our children and taking care of them.

You are a wise momma to realize early on that it's a process. As you give yourself space to be a momma-in-progress and continue to lean on heaven, you will be all that God needs you to be and become.

Nothing has taught me more about that process than motherhood, and I thank heaven for that blessing of learning through this curriculum.

Bless you and thank you for your words of wisdom. I cannot hear things like this enough.