Friday, March 18, 2011


I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

I don't know if I've mentioned before, but the babe has torticollis, which is why he's been in physical therapy since November. He's been making good progress, but since he has started crawling, and his problems aren't fixed yet, he's creating some bad habits that need correcting. The only way to correct these is hands on, repetitively, and the physical therapist said the best thing I can do is to be on the floor with him when he's on the floor helping him make those corrections. So my job as his physical therapist has suddenly become quite intense.

And I am tired.

And I guess that there really isn't anything that makes a Friday different than a Monday for me. Only that a Friday means that we are at the end of another week, and that means we are one week closer to the end of this deployment business. I am tired and the light at the end of my tunnel is still so very, very dim. Dim because it is still so far away. Well, in reality it's not that long, it just feels like it.

(I always have been a titch on the dramatic side.)

Point is: July can't get here soon enough. There is a reason God made it so that it takes two people to have a baby, because it takes two people to raise a baby. And right now, I am just one and it is hard.

(Also, how on earth do single mom's do it!?)


Amanda Joy said...

I hope you have a bright weekend, and I hope that you realize what a great mom you are for being so dedicated to helping your son with his PT. All the work you do, in every aspect of his life right now, will strengthen you and him.

Laurie said...

Hang in there, Heather! I know there are angels surrounding you and lifting you and giving you the strength you need to get through this!! (Let me know how I can be one of them!!!)

Kristi said...

Good question about the single mom thing. I did it for only two months last summer (granted I had baby #3 in that two months...) and I did not like it one bit! Everyone felt really sorry for me though, since I had the baby and all, and I got a lot of help. Hopefully you have friends around who can help you a bit. If not, you should probably head on out to AZ and let Grandma spoil the little tike while Mommy gets some sleep!

Cannwin said...

I remember one warm Phoenix day when Ralexwin was gone to Iraq. I was in the kitchen trying to get a jar open... I was banging it on every surface I could find, running it under hot water, and swearing at it but I could NOT get it to open.

In that moment I felt all the sympathy in the world for my mother who raised three teens on her own and still lives alone.

I don't know what I would have done if I would have had to manage a job on top of all that I did. That money coming in was a godsend for my sanity.

One of the hardest things I dealt with during that period though was that my son was diagnosed with a motor-speech delay. At 2 years old he was talking like a 12 month old. I had Speech therapists and occupational therapists coming in and out of my house all week long. I had to repeat over and over and over everything I said. "Is that a ball? A ball? Can you say ball? Buh, buh, aww, aww, luh, luh."

I still remember the day he said, "I uh oo." (I love you).

It's so hard having a child with a trial, the only comfort I have for you is that someday it will get easier. I'm sure that's about the most annoying thing in the world to hear, but it's true.