Monday, April 4, 2011

feeling uplifted

I love General Conference weekends.
They always seem to come just when I need them the most.

In the course of my life I feel certain that
I am going to look back on 2011
as a time of serious & significant personal growth.
I am being tested & challenged.
I feel as though I am in a refiners fire.
Somedays I think I should put
"This too shall pass"
"This is but a small moment"
in vinyl on my wall.

The Lord has gently pointed out a handful
of areas that I need to begin working on.
And I am thankful.
Thankful for the sure love of a Savior
who walks with me
and carries me when I cannot.

This, as my Hubby recently reminded me,
is part of my "Goddess in Progress" training.
I love and am thankful for him too.
He blesses my life every day.

Life is so good, you know?
Life is so good.


h. rae said...

Lovely blog! I'm your newest follower!

Kimberly said...

Life IS good! And General Conference definitely helps me remember that! I love how much inspiration, guidance, and uplifting I receive each time I listen with intent and try to learn from the Bretheren.