Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i feel like the little engine that could.

This whole on-my-own-with-a-baby thing is hard. 

I'm feeling like the shoes my brother used to wear in high school. His favorite pair. The ones that he wrapped in duct tape, instead of tossing in the the trash. I feel like those.

My hats off & amazement to the truly single parents out there.

I have a feeling that I am being sustained by the prayers of people around me. My family, and friends -yes. But also by all the good people who include the members of our military, especially those serving overseas and their families in their prayers. I am feeling those prayers.

The other day Nie and Glenn Beck were talking about feeling people's prayers. It's real. It's so real. And I'm blessed to have this opportunity and experience. 

When we are called to a task, or when people send fervent prayers for us, I firmly believe the angels of Heaven are sent to our assistance. They surround us. They lift us. They strengthen us. When our task is accomplished, when the prayers stop, those angels are sent to other people.

A long time ago I was an EFY councilor. (As a side note: The Lord has 100% allowed me to accomplish the righteous desires of my heart. I should remember this a little more often than I do. Things have rarely, if ever, been on my timetable, but they've always happened for me eventually.) Anyway, a long time ago I was an EFY councilor and when the session was over, I literally felt the Spirit that had been with me all week leave. 

I imagine that when Hubby comes home I will feel this again.


Amanda Joy said...

It will be so exciting when your husband comes home, I am happy for your little family.

Aunt Merrilee said...

The prayers will sustain you, but the confidence that you CAN DO IT, will help you too. How are things? better? I went to your house the other night to see Brittany and Brylie and when I left my house I started to cry knowing that house was going to be empty. By the time I got there I was composed but lost it again when I left. It's going to take me a few visits to get used to you guys not being there. When we came home from Vegas we were on the 202 and when we got to the off ramp to your house I thought I have to go see Will it's been a few days since I was over there, and of course instantly I realized I couldn't go see him.. I can't imagine how your parents are dealing with it. Don't mean to be a downer but just wanted to tell you and maybe it will help me.. I sound like Pat, it's all about me!! Love you.

Rachel Sue said...

You are doing great. I'm so glad you can feel the support of other's prayers. What an amazing experience during your trial.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

You are awesome! What a blessing you are to your husband and son. I'll be sure to add you to my prayers. I hope you don't mind a few more. :)

angieinpink said...

You are amazing Heather! You've handled it all with grace! Your babe is lucky to have you for a mama. :) I will pray for you too!

And I know what you mean. I was having a particularly hard time early this week with some stuff & I asked a couple family members to pray for me, and the next day was seriously 1000 times better. Prayer does work.