Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a lot on my plate

Last week we packed up, kissed the family good bye, and drove home. Luckily we had an Aunt Merrilee who could make the trip with us, because it was a long one. It's not actually that long, but add a baby to the mix & it can be. Everything went really well though. We stayed in New Mexico for a night, and enjoyed a room service dinner & a visit with some long lost friends of mine. Then we sat in the hotel hot tub. The Little Pirate loved being in the warm water, and so did we. Those jets were just perfect for the back that'd been sitting in the car all day. 

Since we arrived home, I've been on one crazy mad dash to get everything organized, baby proofed, cleaned and put away. Again, luckily Aunt Merrilee was around to help with all the hard stuff -like installing hardware to keep the babe out of cupboards and drawers. {I absolutely love that woman, and nothing could convince me that there is anyone more self-less than she is walking on Earth today. I hope someday I can be more like her. I cried when she left.}

We're missing Grandma & Grandpa & Uncle Tanner & that dumb dog Dax too. Well, I'm not missing the dog, but the babe probably is because they got to be pretty much Best Buddies by the time we left. It's hard saying goodbye to family & knowing that it's going to be awhile before you get to see them again. I'm hoping for Thanksgiving, personally. 

But, it is good to have my own bed back. And my own kitchen. And my own stuff. You know?


Amanda Joy said...

That is great that you made it back home. Long car rides are the worst... so is the anticipation of only being an hour away from home during that long ride:)

Kaylynn said...

It must be that Hubby is coming home soon! Everyone needs an Aunt Merrilee in their lives--luckily I have one too but her name is Martha. Have a wonderful reunion with Hubby. It will be so nice to be a family again!

Kazzy said...

I always head home after vacay with mixed feelings.

Laurie said...

I'm glad you're home and in your own bed!! But I sure miss you!

Rachel Sue said...

I know. I TOTALLY know.