Saturday, October 8, 2011

saturday mornings like this one rock.

I'm being lazy this morning.
It's glorious.
I've been awake for a little over an hour
and have yet to leave the bed.
It's so cold in this room,
and so warm under the blankets,
and Hubby was kind enough to
make a cup of red-raspberry leaf tea for me
with honey.
The Babe is wandering around the room jabberring.
I'm pretty sure he's saying something like:
Mom! Get up, let's play, let's play outside in the sand!
Which is to say,
it's time for me to start this day.
Especially because he just somehow managed to snag my phone.
He's getting so tall.
We're having to push things back from the edge of the countertop.
I better go before he makes any phone calls.

Happy Weekend!


Laurie said...

Love it!!

Kelly L said...

I loved those kind of mornings.. Having teen girls - they seem to walk up after I do
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