Tuesday, October 25, 2011

tuesday confessional

Fact: In the last 6+ weeks I have worn my hair down once.

Fact: I'm growing it out to wear it down.

Fact: I have no idea how to "do" my hair.

Fact: I'm equally clueless when it comes to clothing choices.

Fact: When I was around the age of 13, I saw a woman in a grocery store. Although it was the mid-90s, she was clearly stuck in the 60s. I started noticing all the many people who get "fashion stuck." They wear their hair and clothing the same way they did when they were 20. I vowed to myself I would not be one of them.

Fact: Three weeks(ish) ago I was at Gap with a friend. I noticed all the multi-colored skinny jeans and suddenly felt old.

Fact: I am "fashion stuck" in the year 2000.

Fact: I might be too old to care.


Amy said...

Don't worry, I'm like that too. There are fashions of this day and age that I will just not be jumping into.
I did get on the skinny jean thing to celebrate getting back to pre-preggo weight.

You'd rock the skinnies. Try it out!

Jennie said...

Fact: During this entire semester I have straightened my natural curly hair twice. In high school I used to wear it straight every day.
Fact: I am growing out my bangs and I am kind of nervous because I've had bangs for literally my whole life.
Fact: I only wash my hair every three days.

I'm totally okay with not conforming to what I thought was "cool" in high school-- straight hair. I have pretty fantastic natural hair and it's been great to stop caring about what other people think and just wear it how I want. Yay for being "too old to care"! ;)

Jennie said...
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jenny said...

Here's my advice: keep being "stuck" and then I'll nominate you on "What Not To Wear" and you'll win a new wardrobe!! :) I think your fashion is perfect.

Aunt Merrilee said...

Welcome to my world! I have a tendency to dress like a 20 year old and I am mid sixties! Boy that sounds old! But you are always dressed cute. Don't worry about being old. Old is at least past 55! Just wear what you are comfortable in. Pajama pants work well for me! I love your hair anyway you wear it!

Carrie said...

Skinny jeans are a fad that will go out quicker than the beehive updo;) I'm all about the 2000's-- and I basically look like I'm in the 70's all the time anyway and I wasn't even born then!

sarah said...

Me too! It is too hard to keep up and when you have kids you are probably not at the mall scoping out the new trends.