Sunday, January 1, 2012


My Goals For 2012:

* Make an in-depth study of our Savior, including reading Jesus the Christ cover to cover.

* Use the heck out of the juicer Hubby bought me for Christmas.

* Finally, finally be good about exercising.

* Make a real effort to share DoTERRA.

* Submit for publication... and possibly publish myself.

(* I also just put in an application to go back to school. Am I crazy!?)



Laurie said...

Awesome goals! I would love to go back to school... One day! :)

Amy said...

Lavender oil got me through my cold. I don't know if it was just a mild case or if the lavender helped fend off infection, but it was GREAT!!! And the lemon oil has been a miracle against morning (all day?) sickness.
I'm hooked.

Best of luck with all these fabulous goals!!! Goal setting is so fun. Makes you feel good.

wendy said...

You got some good goals there sweety. Crazy? maybe a little...but schooling NEVER hurt anyone, so go for it.
Some of my goals (shhhh, I don't talk about them out loud cause I don't want to commit)
loose weight
I am reading The Promised Messiah
and doing some soul searching

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Definitely crazy! But in a great way. I love your goals. My juicer has been sitting on my counter for the past two months. I've been meaning to use it. Maybe today. :)