Friday, February 3, 2012

happy february

                                                             Source: via agoddessinprogress on Pinterest

I know we're three days in, but Happy February anyway!

I'm a fan of this Month of Love, and I'm a believer in celebrating all love this month -not just romantic love, but family love and friend love and things-that-make-me-happy love... For me it's a little like Thanksgiving turned inside out.

When my camera batter is recharged I'll take some pictures of the Valentine's I've been working on!


wendy said...

are you a little romantic...I think you are.

Amy said...

That picture is pretty. I love pretty things.

We don't really get into holidays much. We're super low-key. When the kids come around, I plan on doing fun things.

Anonymous said...

february is the best month EVER!! love is in the air!!
cute blog :)

Kazzy said...

I love it too! Have a good one.