Friday, March 16, 2012

18 months

Says: Daddy, Ball, Juice, Peaches, Cheese, Baby, Water (Wa-), Shoes, Where? There! What's That? Wow! Show (Sh-) and Sh-Sh means "I want to brush my teeth"

Makes Noises For: Cows, Horses, Ducks, Cats, Dogs, Dinosaurs and Cars

Can: Walk, Run, Jump, Climb (up and down stairs, and on top of chairs, tables, and couches.), Open Doors, Drawers, Screw-On Lids, and Boxes of Cereal.

Loves: Being outside, and playing with cars, balls, blocks, the broom, the salad spinner, and books.

Favorite Books: Snuggle Puppy, Stinky Face, Go Dog Go!, and the Dr. Suess ABC book.

Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, Peaches, and Cheerios.

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Aunt Merrilee said...

He is growing up so fast. He goes to nursery this month. I miss him and his mom and dad...