Wednesday, March 28, 2012

reasons why i'm 80 on the inside

* I like prunes.

* I tend to go for comfort over beauty in the shoe department.

* I crochet.

* Hubby and I like watching Jeopardy together.

* We go to bed around 9:00.


Ashy said...

If that makes you 80, then I'm getting up there too. I love comfy shoes, and I'd love to go to bed around 9. I don't think crocheting counts though.... my 19-year-old sister crochets!

Amanda Joy {Joy in the Jumble} said...

This post made me giggle:)

Amy said...

I go to bed at unheard of early hours too.
Me and Bret watch Wheel of Fortune.

Crocheting and prunes I haven't jumped on yet and with shoes, the higher the heel, the better (except during pregnancy.)

So maybe that makes me... 60?

Cara said...

Yeah I'm getting there myself ;). Ha. I like prunes, too, they're good fibre! :D.

Although that being said I prefer them juiced than whole.