Monday, April 9, 2012

little pirate stories vol. 3

This morning something unusual happened. I woke up before the L. Pirate, who happened to be next to me in bed. Instead of getting up and about the day, I laid there and watched him sleep. He has the most perfect little nose, and the longest little eye-lashes, and the poor darling is already sporting a uni-brow. I am so in love with that little face. So in love with that little boy.

Finally he started to toss himself around a little bit, and then he opened those little eyes, and gave me a giant smile. He crawled over to lay his head on my chest, still smiling. He was in a cuddly mood. He wrapped his little arms around me and put his lips on mine with a loud "Muah!" then he said, "Ma." and hugged me again, and seriously is there anything better than that in all the world??

Then he said, "nose" and put his finger on my nose, then "eye" and put his hand on my hair.
"No, that's momma's hair. Eyes." I say pointing to my eyes. He copied, digging his finger into my eyeball.
"Ouch!" I said.
"Eyes ow," he said.
After a few minutes of playing the eyes, ears, nose, hair game he saw the water on my nightstand.

"Wa!" he says.
"Do you want some of momma's water?"
"Do you want a bottle with milk?"
"Do you want some cereals?"
"Do you want to get up and play?"
"Don't you want to play with your toys?"
"Do you want to read some books?"
"Do you want to play basketball?"
"Do you want to watch a show?"
[laughing] "Yeah, yeah!" [more laughing]
"Okay, let's go watch a show."
"Show! Show!!"

Then he asked for a bowl of frozen peas {a favorite snack of mine} for breakfast. Did I mention how much I LOVE this kid!?


Yesterday at church they had to open the overflow, and as soon as they did L. Pirate spied the basketball hoop. "Ball! Ball! Ball!" he exclaimed about 70 times, all the while pointing at the hoop! 

Next to me I could feel Hubby's pride swelling. I looked over at him, and sure enough he was smiling, and whispered to me, "I'm so proud!"

It was hilarious. I'm not sure who I was more entertained by, Hubby or his son. 


Saturday we had some friends over for lunch, and Hubby and L. Pirate made a quick trip to the store for something and as soon as they were gone I thought to myself, "Ah! I should have asked him to grab some flowers for me!"

When they got home, they walked in carrying a bouquet of flowers. Hubby said that as they were walking past the flowers, L. Pirate leaned out of the cart, pointing to the flowers, and said, "Ma!" And then did his typical giggle/yeah! yeah! when Hubby asked him, "Oh! Do you think we should get mom some flowers?" Hubby let L. Pirate pick out which ones to bring me. How sweet is that!? 


Amanda Joy {Joy in the Jumble} said...

So sweet, I love the flowers story!

Aunt Merrilee said...

I sure hope you are doing a book of your blog each year. You will forget all these precious things about the Pirate. So make sure they are kept for the future.

Cara said...

These posts are great :)! More, please! :P

Kelly said...

Heather! I'm always blog stalking you, but never commenting. This one is adorable ~ what a cute/sweet little boy you have.

Laurie said...

Motherhood is wonderful!!