Thursday, September 27, 2012

fall in full swing

Four yellow leaves are left clinging to the tree outside my window. They're hanging on pretty strong too because the hail storm that moved through here earlier today didn't knock them off their branches.

This has been an cold and wet, steel-gray kind of week. A week for scarves and tall boots. A week for pumpkin cookies (oh my I found the BEST gluten-free, maple syrup instead of sugar recipe) and soup. Today the Pirate woke up with one runny nose & I made the executive decision to trade housework for popcorn and a movie, snuggled up in blankets.

So what movie did we chose? Well, I planned on being Pirate and me friendly -but Up is not to be found anywhere. And the first Harry Potter has gone missing as well. At that point I decided to go with a more modern classic: You've Got Mail.

Now, the storm has blown through -the sky is a light blue, Hubby is home from work extremely early, and I've got some chicken to get in the oven and a book club to attend tonight.

My house is a disaster.
I'm behind on dishes and laundry and dinner.
But life is good.


Aunt Merrilee said...

How did the movie thing go today? Was pirate happy with you got mail? If I hadn't kept you so long this morning you may have got more done!! Hope he is feeling better.. Love you guys! And check your e-mail I AM coming for a visit!!

Laurie said...

You've Got Mail is definitely a classic!!! It's in my Top 3 Favorite Movies!

I love days like this, where you can focus on the important stuff. Too bad all that other stuff (you know, cleaning, etc.) gets in the way!! ;)

Jenny Lynn said...

My sink is full of dishes yet here I sit making comments on all my favorite blogs. is a joke. But, I am feeling like it is a good good life.