Friday, October 19, 2012


I seem to have bit off a bit more than I can chew.

1. I've decided to *finally* do the Couch to 5K program. I purchased the app over a year ago & have been wanting to and meaning to start it, but I always have some kind of 'but' -then I read something recently and decided: the time is now or never. So I joined the gym and I'm two weeks into this -it's going well. So far anyway. My goal is the Turkey Trot.

2. This new course I'm taking is about three times more demanding than any of the other courses to this point. The reading is medical and intense. The papers I have to write are longer. I'm treading water here, but only barely. The Y has been wonderful because they'll watch the Pirate while I workout & do my homework. Thank goodness! Otherwise there is no way I could manage it!

3. I signed up to sell Shelf Reliance and THRIVE foods. I love this company. I LOVE their product. And I've been using extra minutes to build this new business venture of mine.

4. I'm still attending my Bible Study class once a week. It's a two and a half hour commitment, in addition to the daily homework assignments. I really enjoy it -but it does take a certain amount of time because I do still make time for my own personal scripture study.

5. My church callings and assignments.

6. All this in addition to my REAL priorities, namely Pirate and Husband-Man.

I think this is why my blogging time has disappeared. In all the juggling I'm doing, it somehow got dropped -but I did get a new phone and I have been taking pictures. I'll see if I can't find a couple days of the week to record this beautiful life of mine. The Pirate is growing so fast and staring to say and do really funny things. At least funny to us. Parents are always bias.


Laurie said...

Sounds like a busy but wonderful life!!

Amy said...

But you sound happy, which is the important thing. :)