Tuesday, March 26, 2013

arizona has the best sunsets/ sunrises

Right this second my mom & dad's living room is covered in books, legos, plastic food, blocks, cars. trains, and other random toys. Pirate is reading a book that reads to him. Sun is streaming in through the windows. Warm sun!

Soon I'll get my lazy self up and dressed and we'll go out to play with Uncle Tanner. And by "play" I mean we'll visit a chiropractor and get the oil changed and go eat some Mexican food for lunch. BUT we'll be doing it together and that's what matters.

I love this place of perpetual sunshine and warmth. Okay... come May and on through August/September you're pretty sure Hades has taken over the world, but for the rest of the year it's positively delightful!

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Jenny Lynn said...

When I lived in AZ, the one thing that I will never forget is Monsoon season. I am welcoming the warmth of spring right now, as the cold was tiresome. I much prefer the heat of "Hades" to winter snow.