Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Which is Pirate speak for catsup or ketchup -depending on how you spell it.

Things around here are a bit... mmm... hectic. The list of things to do in the next week stretches long and wide and quite frankly just thinking about it exhausts me. I want nothing more than to crawl between my sheets and take a nice afternoon snooze. My two year old and my conscious forbid it. So, I'm blogging instead.

I am and always have been a champ at procrastination.

So, the logistics of this move wind up being a bit more tricky than usual because they're packing us up a full month before we'll actually get to our new place. This means I have to figure out what items go in which vehicle -Hubs truck, my car, or the U-Haul -and which items we'll be leaving behind completely. If you were to come to my house right this very moment you'd find multiple piles of random stuff waiting for their summertime fates. My house rarely reaches this degree of messy chaos. It's another thing that happens to make me tired.

So... on top of all the house-stuffs I have to do, it also happens that when you're about to move away everyone suddenly wants to have one last lunch/dinner/get together with you. Even people you haven't seen nor talked to in almost a full year. They want to spend time with you too. So the calendar gets crowded and the piles dotting your house just sit and wait. And wait.

BUT, these things will get done soon. They have too. We're out in less than two weeks. Driving away into the next new adventure.

In the mean time, my mind is chewing and chewing on a book idea. You see, I submitted a little something that I co-wrote with a couple of my near and dear blog friends -and while they weren't interested in our submission, they liked either our talent or bios or both, because they invited us to submit again on a specified topic and now I'm thinking we have to write something on that topic because how can I turn down such a specific invitation?

If only I had time to just sit and work on that...

I guess I've got, like, 3000 miles of open road to mentally work on it. Right?


Jenny Lynn said...

WOW, I miss reading your blog to deal with my chaos and find you are moving. Best Wishes on your new adventure. Moving really is messy.

Momza said...

I'm one of those people who need to see you guys before you leave!! MUST DO IT!!!