Thursday, December 5, 2013


I'm tired.
Pirate has been teaching me all kinds of lessons in patience these last few weeks. This is such a fun stage, where the things he says and asks and does often make me laugh so hard tears spring to my eyes, yes. But there's also this flip-side where he'll DO things (like poop on my carpet, pee in our food cupboard, delete apps from my phone, smash an entire bowl of cereal into a fine dust then dump it all on the floor so he can draw in it) that leave me taking deep, deep breaths. I fight the urge to scream at least once a day.

It gets exhausting.

This week he seems to be his usual energetic, fast-moving, fast-thinking self -times twelve. He's literally off the walls all the day long. Unless I sit down. If I sit down he wants to sit right on top of me. It's sweet on one hand, and on the other -I just need a break!

He seems to have a bit of a cold, which is keeping him up at night, which is keeping me up at night too. But somehow no sleep translates to more mischievous energy for him, while I've been dragging myself along zombie style for the last couple days.

It kind of caught up to me this afternoon when I realized the day was basically over and I'd folded ONE  laundry basket and that's it. 

Let's all pray that I can get some decent sleep tonight, yes?


Laurie said...

Yes, let's pray for good sleep!! I SO understand!!!

Cynthia said...

Prayer sent up! Sleep is magical ;)