Tuesday, January 7, 2014

a week of saturdays

First there was the New Year's holiday. Then there was a fairly significant snow storm. Now there's a polar vortex. It's all added up to a week's worth of Saturdays around here -which, thinking about it, is kind of an awesome way to kick off a New Year!

We've been building forts and watching movies and cleaning out clutter and re-organizing like crazy. It's been great. I should take pictures to show off the amazing-ness of my pantry at the moment. I'll really have succeeded if I can keep it looking this way for the rest of the month. I've given everything a specific place within the pantry, instead of it all just being tossed into general shelf areas. My new friend Jenn told me nothing is completely organized unless there's a system in place to keep it that way... I think my system needs to simply be: Don't get lazy.  We'll see if it works.

Yesterday Hubs really needed the Pirate to leave him alone so he could get some work done from home. He suggested making and decorating cookies. So we did just that. Pirate loved it, and admittedly it was fun to cut shapes out of dough and then later frost and decorate them. We let him keep one to eat and the rest went into the trash after he went to bed. No need to have a plate full of those around. I won't eat them, Hubs is on a serious health-kick, and Pirate does not need that much sugar in his body.

In other news: The driving restrictions are being lifted this afternoon and I've *thankfully* got a chiropractic appointment this afternoon. This pregnancy is doing quite a number on my back. So, given my appointment, I think I should go shower, etc.

Today:  Tackle the "guest" room.

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Laurie said...

You're killing me with the cookies in the garbage!!! :D