Sunday, March 23, 2014

we did celebrate spring this year

This has been one of those weeks we've been anticipating for awhile, and that we're glad to see go. It included a very big and important test for Hubs, and it also happened to include the First Day of Spring, which is always a celebration in this house as I've declared it an actual holiday. Normally I have a party, but this year it wasn't going to happen for a number of reasons... The test being primary, with the state of our guest bathroom a very, very close second.

Wednesday afternoon Pirate got it into his head that he needed to have a party. He talked about his party all day and told me "You need to have a party for me. You need to get working on that. Okay?" Initially I just laughed, but then I thought: Why not? We can have a two-person party. It IS the First Day of Spring tomorrow!

So Thursday morning we went to Walmart and picked up party decorations and snacks and a game and some flowers to plant and some bubbles and some side walk chalk. At the check-out he told the clerk all about the Spring Party we were getting ready to have. At home we made a "Happy Spring" banner together, and I blew up all the balloons. We made some brownies (a serious treat in this house the proof being: Pirate has never had one and while he knew it was chocolate, didn't know what to call them). We played bubbles, and drew flowers and butterflies and things on the sidewalk outside (it was warm enough! Hurrah!!) we ate our snacks and treats, and I sent him on an Easter egg hunt in our living room. When Hubs got home Pirate couldn't wait to tell him all about our party. The day ended with Pirate getting to go on a bike ride. The first one of the year!

We are so excited to see Spring beginning to take over. The (still green!) grass has soaked up the melted snow, most of it. Flowers are pushing their way through the soil near my front door. The sun is out more days than not, and mostly it's even a warm one.

Today Pirate counted robins and "jumpy squirrels" in our yard.

Spring is so happy.


Ashy said...

This is such a fun idea!! I have to remember it, so that I remember to have parties just for me and my kids :) You are so sweet. I love reading your posts!

Laurie said...

What a great idea!