Friday, April 25, 2014

these are days i want to remember

Today was lived slowly. In two hour increments. I nursed the babe until milk dripped off his chin and he fell into a solid sleep. I tucked him into the baby swing and built lego trains with the Pirate. I made a peanut butter sandwich for him, then wiped it off his face and my table six minutes later. We danced to the Taylor Swift station on Pandora and took naps. Well, tried to take naps. I never actually did sleep mostly because Little Man's life is at risk with his big brother around. He could be loved, literally, to death if I'm not watchful. Also... I was busy cleaning up all manner of bodily fluids from places beyond diapers. And then nursing again.

This afternoon instead of making dinner (which ended up being a heated up can of refried beans over some shredded cheese and corn chips) I sat in the sun with Little Man tucked in my arm, and my kindle in my free hand, watching Pirate run barefoot through the yard, pushing his lawn mower and kicking his ball. When he was bored with that he went and got the shovel and started turning up the ground in our will-be garden area. I love that at three he knows exactly how to use a shovel, a real one. Then the neighbor girl came over and Pirate showed her a patch of worms recently unearthed while I visited with her mom over the fence. Childhood is so fun to watch.

I did read enough to learn that a Jersey cow can produce 5 gallons of milk in a day. I am super glad I'm not a cow.


Laurie said...

5 gallons?!? That's insane.

I love that you're able to cherish these first moments. Some of us aren't that lucky. :S

Heather said...

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