Saturday, April 5, 2014

today was kind of the perfect day

This morning Pirate did a little happy dance in the center of the living room because "The sun came out! The sun came out!" -I wish I had caught it on video because it was pure joy escaping his body and it was darling.

It was just a relaxed, peaceful morning followed by a General Conference dominated afternoon. The sessions were, as always, inspiring in a just-what-I-needed kind of way. Some of my recent prayers were answered. I received some direction and some confirmation and for that I am thankful. Between sessions we went for a walk, Hubs and I with the Pirate trailing behind us on his little red tricycle. The sun was shining, flowers are working their way up, some pretty thin squirrels and rabbits chasing each other, birds singing... In other words: It's spring and we were able to get outside and enjoy it.

Then I came inside and took a nice nap, while Hubs and Pirate played in the backyard and prepped the garden. I woke up to their voices outside the window. I love watching and listening to them play. This afternoon they were wrestling and Pirate said to Hubs, "I love you. You are my favorite Daddy-pillow."

Just small things all piled on top of each other all day long. I am so blessed.

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