Sunday, May 25, 2014

so it goes.

I want to write. I do. My brain, I think, has other ideas. It's rolling out this list of things I need to do this morning. (Quick! While you have a minute! Hop in that shower and wash your hair! Shave your legs! You DO have church today!... And I want to know what happens next in that book you picked up last night... And you need to call Jackie today... And clean up those diapers you left on the floor last night... And heck! If ...

AND *free moment over*

(Pirate came to me with a "Special Surprise!!" -It was a worm in his muddy little hand. I told him he should take it back outside and he said, "No, mom. He just LOVES me." --Top of the new list, find a place for him to keep his new pet worm.)

Have a good Sunday friends. Someday I can blog for real again.


Momza said...

Critter holders:
margarine tubs
shoe boxes
pickle jars
baby food jars

Miss you guys

Laurie said...

And yet you make that small moment sound fabulous! :)

What I Did Today said...

Hahah! Oh my. That describes how most of my thoughts go soooo well. And my 4 year old loves worms too. Literally to death, poor little things.