Friday, May 9, 2014

the trees are green!

The Pirate has been waiting & waiting for summer, for his little play pool and for a trip to the Zoo. For months we've been telling him we can do these things when all the snow is gone and the trees are green. He kept close tabs on the status of the snow as it s-l-o-w-l-y melted, and he's kept his eyes peeled for the color on the trees.

A few days ago he came running in: "Mom! The trees are green!" This is true, but I needed more time. I pointed to the trees across the street and said, "When those trees are green, we can go to the Zoo." His shoulders fell, and he resumed his wait.

Yesterday we reached into the mid-to-upper 80s. He came out in his swim shorts and talked about swimming, so I went down to the basement and found his little pool. We got that all set up, and then -almost miraculously- Hubs finished his work and surprised us by coming home early! So he and the Pirate splashed around in the backyard for awhile and then dried off, got dressed, and went to the Zoo. (While I sat at home with a book, and a sleeping Baby in a gloriously quiet house.)

Later, on our way out to eat, I noticed the trees across the street. Little green buds are sprouting off the ends of their branches. Pirate and I have been looking at those trees every day, waiting. Yesterday was the first day they displayed their coming leaves. It was perfect timing.

Let Summer begin!

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Laurie said...

I love it when things work out perfectly like that!