Friday, September 5, 2014

this is my life...

Mom. Mom. Moooooom. I need breakfast.
Mom. I can’t find my red shirt. I need my red shirt!

Wipe my bum!

Mom. Let’s play trains! I’ll be the engine, you be the caboose!

Mom. Will you get me my paints?

Will you paint with me?

Mom! I know! Let's play with my blocks!

Help me build a castle, please, mom?

Mom. Will you make me a peanut-butter sandwich?

No, Mom! Don't cut it! I didn't want it cut!!
Mom. Let’s play hide and seek. I’ll hide first!
Mom watch this! I can jump like a frog! Ribbit!

Mom! Watch this! I can dance like a penguin!

Mom! Let’s dance!

Can we play with bubbles?

Wipe my bum!

Mom! I know! Let’s build a fort! Build me a fort! Build me a fort, pleeeeeease!?

Where’s my flashlight? Mom! My flashlight needs more batteries! Can you get batteries?

I need a snack! Can I have a banana?

Can I have another banana? Can I have some cheese?

Mom, look, I’m a race car! Vrrrrooooom! Oh-ho! Mom! Look! I crashed!

Mom, I need a kiss. Right here. NO! Right here!

Mom, can I watch a show? Can we make popcorn?

Mom. I don’t really love peas.

Look, Mom! I put my sock on my hand and now it’s a jumpy squirrel!

Look, Mom! Jumpy squirrel is brushing my teeth for me!

Will you read me this book?

Now this one!

And this one!
Just one more?

Mom. Can I have my train blanket?

It was a good, good day, huh Mom!

I love you, Mom! Have sweet dreams, okay?

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Laurie said...

That last one makes all the rest so worth it!!!