Thursday, April 9, 2015

easter & spring no break

Our Easter was wonderful. Peaceful. Relaxing.

Our good friends and neighbors were without their family this year for the holiday, and knowing we were too, they invited us over for an Easter dinner. It was lovely spending time with such a great family. Their kids and our kids get along exceptionally well and we both share a more "hands-off" philosophy when it comes to the children working out their differences.

It was a gorgeous day, warm and sunny, and after dinner we migrated outside and watched the children hunt eggs, run and play while we lounged in chairs and visited with each other. We watched our Little Guy taste watermelon for the first time, he's a big fan.

Wait. I think I might be painting the picture a little too nicely. We did do some lounging in chairs, in intervals -short intervals. Mostly one of us was having to chase Little Guy and pull rocks and sticks out of his mouth. At one point C and I handed the babies off to the husbands so we could clean up the kitchen and dish desert. Within three minutes we were mysteriously both holding babies and having to accomplish said chores one handedly.

To be fair to the husbands, there had been a messy mishap outside that did require attention...

It was a gorgeous day though.

And it kicked off our first Spring No Break. It's been a bit touch and go. We've cleaned rooms, washed all the windows, entertained friends, built train tracks, block castles, assembled puzzles, played games, read books, painted and then painted some more... Today I broke down, ordered pizza and plugged in Finding Nemo. We've moved onto Cars and for the first time all week, I'm having a minute to write.

Little Guy is over in the corner squatting and grunting, so it looks like I've got another diaper to change.

Best get to it.

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Laurie said...

How did I miss this one??

Awesome post. That really is motherhood in a nutshell! ;)