Friday, April 9, 2010

the reason i look a little zombie-ish today.

I am tired.

And I know, I KNOW,
I don't even know what tired is... yet.
I can hear you mothers saying
"Just you wait, Heather. Just you wait."
I can see the knowing grins on your faces.

Yesterday I told a friend of mine how good I was doing.
How I had most all my energy back.
How I'm finally sleeping through most all the night,
instead of heading to the little girl's room 2 or 3 times.
And just because I had to tell her this,
last night I had to go 3 times before midnight.
And I tossed & turned
And tossed & turned,
because if I was on my left side,
my left side would fall asleep...
and if I was on my right side,
my right side would fall asleep.
The only thing not falling asleep was me!
(Poor Hubby.)

I talked with my mama this morning,
and she said from about half way through
her pregnancies and on -she couldn't sleep in a bed.
She slept every night in their recliner.

I think I am petitioning Hubby
for a la-z-boy recliner in our bedroom
starting this weekend.


Sara said...

Good luck with the recliner! I too was up all night last night. I am 30 weeks today! I had the same issues that you did last night and I have found that the only thing that helps me is the nights that my husband rubs my back I sleep through the whole night without waking up! No bathroom trips, back aches, arms or legs falling asleep! Just me sleeping soundly. He is good to rub my back for me about 3-4 times a week cause he does work nights! Maybe see if your hubby will rub your back for you right before you are ready to settle in for the night. Good Luck!

Kyla said...

I say it just prepares you for having a new born! You'll be up every 2-3 ish at first so your body is just getting ready :)

Rachel Sue said...

My body pillow was my salvation during all of my pregnancies. Try that, and see if it helps.

It's cheaper than a lay-z-boy! :)

Anonymous said...

Amen to the body pillow.
Aside from that? Make naps your friend.

Laurie said...

I'd invest in a good recliner! You'll be spending a lot of time there with a newborn. I don't know how many times I woke up after falling asleep nursing! Even now, I fall asleep in Victoria's room every once in a while... Yep, get a good recliner! You won't regret it.

Valerie said...

We have a super pillowy couch. When I got too uncomfortable in bed, I would head to that oh-so-comfy couch. I could lay in just the perfect position, with my belly resting on the back cushiony parts of the couch....ahhhh

Not that I think you should go out and buy one. But if you already have one, it's an idea!!

Jessica said...

yeah for me it was the futon... every night for 6 months of the pregnancy mostly cause it was close to the bathroom and I had to puke every 2 hours.

wendy said...

Well, if that is the case , hubby needs to buy you the most comfy recliner out there.
a good nights sleep is sooooooo valuable.
I don't sleep well at night either...most of the time.
and at my age, a trip to the bathroom is an almost for sure 2 times a night.

Jessica said...

I got it!! tell him, honey you buy me the recliner cause once the baby is born I'm gonna need a place to feed it. LOL

prashant said...
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Aunt Merrilee said...
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The Instigator said...
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Laura said...

And you will LOVE that recliner come BABY time!