Friday, July 16, 2010

there's a rumbly in my tumbly & other stuff.

{Have you entered the give-a-way yet?}

*You'd think that I'd be used to all this movement baby makes, but I'm not. Although I'm not such a fan of being kicked in the ribs, I really enjoy these kicks when they're somewhere else. It's so weird watching the waves under my skin.

*It is hot, hot, hot here. You'd think we were living in Arizona.... Okay, so it's not actually THAT hot, but pretty miserably so. We don't have AC or a swamp or anything other than a fan. My house has been 83 degrees all week... I've concluded that clothing is over-rated.

*Yesterday I did what we did when we were little and the AC was on the fritz in July. I got dressed & hopped in the car. I went to the library. I went to a ward cooking class. I went to a restaurant. I went to a grocery store. I went back to the library. Today I have the same plan of action: Avoid being in this hot house.

*Last night we were outside (it was cooler out there) and our neighbors came by and visited for awhile. They have a 4 year old daughter who was getting bored, so Hubby grabbed his roping rope out of the garage & was showing her how to rope the "cows" (lawn chairs). Then he gave the rope to her, and she went and wrapped it around the chair, pulled it over, and with a big smile and arms pointing towards the fallen "cow" asked "Who wants roast beef!?" It was hilarious.


Laurie said...

HAHA!! That IS hilarious!!

Avoid the heat. Yep, that's just about all you can do! Sorry you have to go through the whole summer with extra insulation on you! :)

Kimberly said...

That is FUNNY, no two ways around it! Kids are great!! So funny! I'm sorry about all the hot weather! I'm sure it doesn't help, but it was 100 degrees here I know what you mean about heat! I just keep telling myself I'd rather it were hot than snowy and cold!!!

Kazzy said...

We lived for four years with no AC. It is so horrible. Sorry :(

susette said...

What a cute story! Little kids are so great. I have a little grandson whose personality is just bringing smiles and laughs to everyone. He is living with us now that his parents have moved back from Boston after graduation. I sure love having him around :)

When's your due date?

Josh and Melanie said...

It's so hot here too! We have a swamp cooler, but it's really doing NO good. It's been 85-87 degrees inside my house every afternoon this week (with the thermostat set to 76). YUCK! And since Owen naps from 2-4, I'm stuck at my house. I'm miserable.

Jessica said...

lol!! That girl is awesome! And CLOTHING- is over rated. I wear a night shirt around my house all day when I'm cleaning. Cause even in a house that is 75 all the time you can still work up a sweat when your cooking or doing laundry or all of those.

Trust me- once you are in the hospital having that baby all bets are off, modesty is a thing of the past. There is something so carnal about the whole thing. It makes you just not care.

Plus, your baby is gonna try to show your boobs to the world anyway if your breast feeding so if you are HOT!!!, you be comfertable, and don't you worry about it!!

mother goose said...

love that little girl! toots for her roping herself a "cow" and knowing roast beef comes from that!