Wednesday, October 13, 2010

and i welcome myself to real life.

Yesterday was our anniversary.
I imagined myself making a beautiful dinner and dessert.
I imagined myself having the table set, complete with center piece & candles.
I imagined myself all dressed up.
With eyeliner, lip stick, and heels.
I wanted to have a card for him, telling him how much I love him.
How he's the best husband on the planet & how
I couldn't do this without him.
I planned on snuggling up on the couch after dinner,
and watching something together.

I just didn't plan on that something being ESPN.

But by the time we got to that point
my plans for a romantic evening together had been
long abandoned.

I managed to get actual clothes on
10 minutes before he walked in the door.

That's as far as I got.

10 minutes after that
a lady from the ward showed up with dinner.
Beef. I don't eat beef.

She stayed for about a half hour.
Telling us about her bowling, her plans for not
next summer but the summer after that,
and how cute our baby is.

We did end up eating together. Kind of.
The t.v. dinner I threw in the microwave for myself
was gross, so by the time I heated up something else,
Hubby had finished eating & had relocated to the couch.

aside from the flowers he brought home,
there was NOTHING sweet or romantic or
even having any resemblance of an anniversary.

Oh well.



Sam said...

Welcome to life with children. It's wonderful, but can be trying. Make sure that you are vigilant in planning time for one another. You both need nurturing as much as little Will.

Amanda Joy said...

Your last paragraph cracks me up! Having had two surprise pregnancies, I have been pregnant for two out of four anniversaries. (We spent our first one in a birthing class, as I got pregnant four months after being married:)
I totally get what you mean.

Sara said...

My first Anniversary I as pregnant and I think aside from getting flowers we did nothing! I was HUGE with twins and on bed rest at 27 weeks when our anniversary came around. Don't feel bad it just happens

Cynthia said...

Sounds familiar :) Like the others, I have been pregnant 3 out of 5 anniversaries and this year for #5, not only am I pregnant but my husband is at Army Boot Camp - I got a pedicure and he got to play with live granades (sp?). Like you I have big plans for next years anniversary! Though I am trying to bribe my sister to take time off work and spend several days here while we go to Disneyland.

Laurie said...

Wow. A hotel for your anniversary... That'll be nice. I won't know what that's like for a very long time! Sounds lovely, though! :)

Kyla said...

At least you were together, isn't that all that matters!

angieinpink said...

welcome welcome! it's a fun club, isn't it?

Jessica said...

yeah, Our anniversary after the baby was a complete after thought, Sage was a month old and we spaced it. LOL!! And this last anniversary we just could not leave him with a sitter, so we stayed at home and watched a movie with take out.

The Instigator said...

OK! I'm marking my calendar now for a Will and Grandma slumber party!! Woo-hoo!!

sarah said...

I think your night sounded romantic. You just need to lower your expectations.