Monday, November 29, 2010

life fact:

Resolve weakens in the face of Tired.

This morning I did something.
Something I swore
up and down and three times over
that I would never do.

I brought Baby into bed with me.

*It didn't work.


Aunt Merrilee said...

Oh no, it didn't work? You have big trouble ahead! Did he just want to talk and play?

Sara said...

Just don't make it a habit. My sis did it and it took forever for her little girl to learn to sleep in her own bed!

Meganis said...

ha! funny funny... i love bringing max into bed early in the mornings but it is definitely not fun having him there all night long. So was it him or you that didn't get the sleep?

heather said...

I CAN'T sleep with him in the bed, so it's totally pointless!

Holloway Family said...

I'm sorry it didn't work. I loved it when my babies snuggled up on my bed at any time during the day or night. My two older girls would fall asleep next to me most nights, but were easily moved to their own beds, once they turned 8 they didn't need me any more. My youngest girl, she's 11, still needs to have that comfort/snuggle time. Not being able to do other things with them because of my disability allows that time at the end of the day to be very special. We have read many GREAT books during that time.

Melissa said...

Awww sometimes i go lay in bed with the girls... Enjoy it now while he's little and doesn't take up all the room! I wish my girls would still lay with me it's those moments I cherish. Quiet moments, cuddling, dreaming together.. ( I dont know ho much dreaming ur doing but u get my point lol) I love you and can NOT wait for u 2 get here.. xoxoxoxoxo

kemra said...

never say, never!!! : )