Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the dog has a pink butt and other random thoughts.

Sleep has been escaping me lately. For a number of reasons. Reason number one being the Little Pirate, who at 9:14 am this morning is still completely out. Which troubles me. Do I wake him up so he can stay on his schedule? Or do I just let him sleep till he wakes up on his own? For now, my vote is just let him sleep because I haven't been able to sit down and blog, really blog, in like months.

Oh. Of course. He just woke up.

Maybe I can try again later.

Happy (what is today, anyway?) Wednesday. Today is Wednesday.
Happy Wednesday.


Kelly L said...

I remember those days... I miss them too..

Love to you
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Laurie said...

This post just made me laugh out loud! Love you!!

ailinh harris said...

Ahhh... those days. Hopefully there comes some time that you can sit down and blog away like you want.