Wednesday, January 19, 2011

in which we watch baby einstein 14 times

Okay, not actually 14, but probably pretty close.

Here's the thing:
The physical therapist is concerned about his Reflux.
The doctor is concerned about his weight gain.
So we've been put on rice cereal.
Which means I have to pump.
He's not such a big fan of waiting for his meals...
Today has been a little tricky.

(Not to mention the tewnty-forty things on my to-do list.)

So we turn, today -and maybe tomorrow too-
to the digital babysitter.
aka: the t.v. and baby e.


Amanda Joy said...

Sorry that you have to worry about his weight. It gets so nerve wracking sometimes. Both my kids have been low on the charts if even at all. Asher finally made it to the 25th percentile at 3yrs and Abbie finally made it to the 5th percentile when ahe turned 18months. I figure their height still went up so they were growing; they just have my husband's fast metabolism.
Good luck with the juggling act today:)

Rachel Sue said...

I am so sorry. Those are the days that I just don't care any more and I'm grateful that baby e exists!