Friday, January 28, 2011

living undone

I can't seem to finish anything anymore.

There are probably about 18 blog posts sitting in draft
that I will never finish.
I have them all ready to go in my head,
and then when I find a second to sit down and begin writing them,
The Little Pirate decides he needs me.
An hour or so later,
when I get back to the computer,
I read what I wrote
and can't for the life of me remember
how I wanted it to end.
It's highly annoying.

And this isn't limited to blog posts.
It seems like I live half my days undone.
Undone dishes,
undone laundry,
undone meals, projects, phone calls...

It's the Sweet Life.


susette said...

18?? Wow, I'm lucky to ever come up with 1. Good luck and yes, it is the sweet life:)

Brittany said...

The undone phone calls are the worst! for me anyway. ;)

Rachel Sue said...

Totally get it. I have 3 half cleaned bathrooms right now. I cleaned the easy parts. Which means the bathrooms are still really gross.