Thursday, January 27, 2011

{This is a post in which I am pulling out the: My Blog is My Journal, I'll Say What I Want -card}

((Fair Warning: It's bound to be a little long, disconnected, and perhaps even preachy.))

A good, GOOD friend of mine talked me into watching this new show of hers. I won't lie. I L.O.V.E. love this show. It's hilarious. There is no swearing, no sex, no violence, nothing that offends me. In face, it generally leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy, and initially my thought was: Wow! So glad there's such a great family show on in Prime Time.

But Hubby was not on board. He said he didn't want us watching this show. Now, I'm typically the one that says, "You know, I don't think this show is one we should be watching anymore."
Not the other way around. So I was really concerned. I told myself: I am not offended by this, but should I be? I mulled over it for weeks, all the while still watching the show and thinking to myself, but it's so funny! And clean!!

Then I asked another friend of mine, if they watch this show. I could be wrong (because let's face it: I'm a sleep deprived, nursing momma who sometimes can't remember one day from the next) but I believe her words were: That show is a flaxen chord.

I love her for her unapologetic, blatant statement of truth, but that doesn't mean she didn't catch me off guard. I'm sure my eyes got wide & my mouth probably dropped a little, before my head began to nod. Because all the sudden, I saw it. I saw what she meant. She explained that she had been reading some fan pages (because she used to watch that show too) and a handful of the fans were annoyed that a certain relationship in this show wasn't physically affectionate enough. To which the producers responded: Give it time. We'll take this relationship to another level in the future. Don't worry.

And when this friend of mine said this, I remembered something another friend of mine had said to me earlier -Hollywood has it's own moral (or should we say immoral) and political agenda.

It's interesting to me that this particular show, this show which is so apart from it's Prime Time partners in that there is no language, no sex, no crude innuendos, no violence, only humorous portrayals of everyday family life, should pop up on the heels of Prop 8. I see the agenda behind it. I get why she called it a flaxen chord.

So, this is one I have chosen to cut out of my t.v. lineup. Which was a hard thing to do, because, like I said, I enjoy watching it. I feel good about this decision, but this whole thing has brought up some other things that I still find myself mulling over from time to time.

Which is, How do I teach my children to love the sinner, hate the sin? How do I simultaneously
teach them to be in the world, but not of the world? When I send them off to school and they make friends with Johnny, and they find out that Johnny has two moms, instead of a mom and a dad, how do I explain that!? How do I teach love, when the true and moral answers sound so much like what Hollywood & the Politically Correct Police call "hate" ?

I guess therein lies the appeal of homeschooling, eh?


Sam said...

I have done the same with other shows I've watched. However, I am super curious to know which show this was for you... wondering if I'm watching it thinking the same thing you were :)

Laurie said...

Your last question made me laugh out loud. But it's true! I know homeschooling isn't for everybody. But I think every child should be with his momma until he's at least 8. That gives you enough time to instill some real values in them before they have to defend those values.

I know your post wasn't about homeschooling, but I'm a little passionate about it. :)

Rachel Sue said...

1. I think it's good that you let us all guess on the actual show. (but I am still curious about which one I think it is.)

2. I agree with you. Ther are so many shows on right now that really do have their own agenda. The one (my own personal millstone) has an obvious agenda. The thing is, everything else about the show I LOVE. I can't get enough of it. I'm starting to feel a bit guilty about it and justifying. But, you know what? Maybe it's just time. We'll see.

Amanda Joy said...

It is hard enough for me to be commpassionate and caring with the love the sinner not the sin type of thing. I wonder how to succeed at helping my children to be better at it than I am. Something that has made it easier for us at this point is, we don't even have TV. If there are certain shows we want, we are selective, and Netflix it. There are definitely shows and movies I miss, but I am glad that my kids never hear or see things they could easily repeat. Am I 100%, hardly, but I am trying, you are trying. It is an everyday process, that can leave a mother exhausted until you stop trying to be politically correct, but still try to be kind.

Kelly said...

I really do like this post, but will you really be able to shield your child(ren) from the sins and the negative exposure that the world has to offer, by you homeschooling them? If so, where do I sign up?

Natalie said...

Jesus loved everyone. He didn't ignore or turn away from the sinners - he turned to them to show them love and kindness.

I think setting a Christ-like example for your children should focus on NOT turning away and ignoring and declaring wrong the people who are different from us, but rather embracing them with love and acceptance and kindness because THEY ARE LOVED BY CHRIST. Johnny has two moms? Great. Christ loves them both, just as He loves Johnny.

Jessica said...

Is it horrible that I read this whole thing, and the only question I'm asking myself at the end is... "Did I recommend this show?"

Jessica said...
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Meganis said...

right on sister...there is a big difference between loving everyone and loving everyone's actions. Nobody is perfect, and its up to you to recognize the right and wrong in the world to make sure you are doing the right!

MH said...

I was doing some blog surfing a while ago and came upon yours. I enjoy reading it because you are a good writer!

First of all, I admire your decision not to watch what you don't agree with!

But I just wanted to point out that there are just normal, everyday people who believe homosexuality is perfectly fine who are not out pushing an "agenda."

I believe the show you are talking about also has a multi-racial marriage (with an immigrant) - do you think they have a racial/immigration agenda? There is also an adopted baby - is there an international adoption agenda? To many of us, gay couples are just a way life is - no agenda necessary. The show is just, as you said, about "humorous portrayals of everyday family life."

I can't speak for the producers of the show and their intentions, but I can say that losing the combative discourse will go a long way to trying to "love the sinners" that your child is bound to encounter.

Kristi said...

I've had some serious issues with this too. For example, people who are always trying to get everyone else to be so "tolerant", but they show zero tolerance of anyone who believes against their beliefs. It's such a double-edged sword, and an endless circular argument. I'm starting to think that there is no such thing as true tolerance. But there must be because we've been asked to be tolerant. But being tolerant of behavior and wanting it taught to our children about things we do not agree with are two different things. Why can't liberal people be tolerant of our beliefs too? We're not asking them to live by our standards, but can you let us live by them and teach our children the way we want to? Ug. I can't put my point into words very well yet, but I do know that this is a topic that KILLS me.