Monday, January 10, 2011


We went to visit my grandma in her new care home. It's a nice place. Clean and quaint with a friendly staff. Rocking chairs line the walls and in them old, old women sit and stare. I imagine they're just waiting for their turn to pass on. Some of them, like my grandma, have Alzheimer's and don't remember one moment to the next. Others are there just because they are too old to take care of themselves.

When I took the Little Pirate from his car seat, eyes lit up. They asked to be wheeled over to me. They touched his little hands, and he smiled so big for them. They loved him.

I plan on visiting there at least once a week, bringing the little bundle of joy with me. I realized he has the ability to bless more than just me.


Holloway Family said...

I know how much little ones can light up the eyes and spirit of the older ones. My Grandma suffered from Alzheimer's and couldn't remember me, her favorite granddaughter, but she could remember my little Kaitlyn. Almost every time we went to the nursing home during the last three years of her life she would look at us with fear in her eyes because she could not remember who we were. But it little Kaitlyn was with us, she would smile and her eyes would shine with excitement because her little Kaitlyn had come to visit with her. I have a picture of Grandma and Kaitlyn taking a walk one day while we were camping a year before we had to put her in the nursing home, it is my favorite picture of my Grandma during the last few years of her life. I miss my Grandma very much and think of her often. She was alone for 21 years and now she is with her Sweetheart and happy once again.

Rachel Sue said...

I don't know why, exactly, but reading that just made me cry. Probably thinking of my own Grandma.

Sara said...

That is awesome!