Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter morning

The Little Pirate woke up this morning at 5:00 under the impression that it was time to wake up. I may have let him just lay there & cry & whine about being stuck in his crib -when he was clearly ready to play, but there were other people *trying* to sleep in this house, and so for their sake, I just got him up. 

We sat and snuggled in the chair for a few minutes. A last ditch effort on my part for even three more minutes of sleep, but he was patting & scratching my face, giving kisses, singing songs, and trying to wiggle out of my arms. Through the window I could see the light growing outside, and I decided since we were up, the babe and I might as well enjoy the sunrise.

I buckled him into the stroller, and we slipped outside. The moon was still hanging overhead, and to the east a soft rainbow of pink, orange, and yellow climbing over the horizon. The air was cool and clean. We paced the front porch, enjoying the explosion of roses in my parent's yard. So much beauty in this world.

There is a tree front and center in the yard. It's a new tree, planted just last year. We were pretty sure the late frost had killed it. The branches were all dead. But, a few weeks ago a little green shoot popped out towards the bottom of the tree. New life. 

At church I was sitting in the foyer with the (got-up-too-early, very cranky) babe, and I couldn't help but notice the tattooed, pierced, purple-shirted man sitting across from me. The choir sang, and afterwards he said over and over how beautiful it was. I started chatting with him. He's an investigator. He thinks he's ready to be baptized. New life.

A perfect Easter morning, don't you think?


Laurie said...

Definitely a perfect Easter morning!

Aunt Merrilee said...

That was quite an Easter Sunday for you and the pirate. Just think what memories you were making. That pierced tatooed man might just remember that young mother and son in the foyer that talked to him despite the way he looked that Easter Sunday. We never know when we are making a difference in someone's life.

Erin said...

It sounds like Easter was pretty good for you. (Except, maybe a little bit more sleep for you would have been a little better.)