Friday, April 22, 2011

friday rewind

* The babe is still rockin' a runny, snot nose.

* He has discovered how to open cupboards, and how to pull himself up onto things.

* I got to meet up with Caroline this week. I seriously love that girl & her fam. They are awesome. 

* I discovered this week that I am for sure having a serious gluten sensitivity. Anyone else living a gluten free life? I need tips.

* I got out of the house last night, without the babe. Never-mind it was only 3 minutes down the road, never-mind it was for an hour, it was awesome! And totally necessary.

* My Aunt Pam will be here tomorrow! Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow!! 

* This weekend is going to busy. Busy, busy. (If you write that word enough, it begins to look very odd.)

* I just remembered it's Easter. Wow. How do I space something like Easter!?

* Happy Easter!


Amanda Joy said...

The best purchase I ever made when my kids were big enough to start getting into things was a Saftey 1st Refrigerator Lock for $5 at walmart. Easy to install, and no more toddlers pouring their own milk in a cereal bowl. (it was half a gallon:)

Missy said...

This is off the topic of the post but I noticed you are linked up with facebook. I have been wanting to do that and have no idea how to. Would you be willing to email me or put it in a post?
BTW, I found your blog thanks to the post on MMB.

Caroline said...

Yes, and our awesome meet-up was so awesome that I have to say awesome four times so everyone knows how awesome it was.