Thursday, April 14, 2011

she's stuck in christmas

I walk into the Care Center, toting a car seat & diaper bag.
She's on the love seat again.
Alone in the family room again.
The preference to sit by herself is curious to me.
She's always been so social, but not here, and not now.
Not anymore.

The fog in her eyes lifts as I make my way to her.
"Hi Grandma!" I say.
Sometimes she knows who I am.
Sometimes she has to ask.
But, somehow, she always remembers the baby.

"Did you bring the baby?"
"Where's the baby?"
I pull him out of his car seat, and her eyes light up.
Miraculously, time after time, he is content to sit on her lap.
He plays with her buttons, tries to chew on her fingers,
pats her face and smiles.
It is the highlight of her week.

She offers to babysit him anytime.
She says she'd be happy to take him for the night.
Which is so sweet.
She truly believes she'd be capable.
I wish she were.

Then to me she asks, "Has his dad seen him yet?"
"How much longer before he gets home?"
Then to him she says, "Your daddy loves you!"
"You're daddy is gonna be so happy to see you!"

100% of the time she remembers that his daddy is away.
100% of the time she remarks on this a minimum of 12 times.

I think because her empathy runs deep.
Multiple times her husband was sent away to war,
and she was left to take care of 4 girls on her own.

Then she asks, "What does this little boy want for Christmas?"
Because she's stuck in Christmas.
Which is a happy place to be.
Don't you think?


Sam said...

You will be forever grateful that you were able to spend this time with her. My Grandparents are getting up there in years, but are still rather young. I wish we could be closer. Good job for visiting her so often. At some point she will be able to thank you.

Momza said...

It's so good that you're writing these moments down and taking pictures.
I never really knew my grandparents or greats...this is perfect.
And I hope I get stuck in Christmas someday too.

Aunt Merrilee said...

Because I know her it breaks my heart to know how she is. She is the most gracious woman I have ever known. I remember how stylish she always was. It's intersting she always remembers his Dad is away.It's personal to her. She knows the feelings you are going through now. Keep taking pictures so baby will have them to remember. And you are wonderful to spend this time with her. And you are right Christmas is not a bad place to be stuck.

Meganis said...

so sweet. i love grandmas. I'm glad you are there to visit her! Also, sometime i think i'm stuck in christmas too. Especially when its snowing in the middle of April.

Rachel Sue said...

My Grandma, who has most of her memory still in tact, is the same way with my babies. Especially the littlest ones. There is just something special about these new spirits and those who are so fresh from heaven and those almost there have such a kinship. It really is beautiful.

Shelly said...

Very sweet post. My grandma has the same kind of issues going on. But, I know that she is always happy to see us and the boys.

Laurie said...

I'm tearing up, over here! What a precious post.

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

what a sweet post! I'd give anything to visit with my grandma.

Heidi said...

Oh, Heather, how precious this is! And I had no idea your husband was away. Hugs!