Monday, May 16, 2011

ahhh poop.

It's a Poop Fest !!!

Poopy poopy EVERYwhere!
In my fingers, through my hair!

In my crib and on my sheets!
In my arm pits, on my feets!

Poopy here and poopy there,
Poopy poopy EVERYwhere!

When it comes to poopy, I'm the BEST!
It's not JUST poop, it's a Poopy Fest!


My mom wrote this poem this morning. 
Her inspiration?

What my babe did in his diaper (Or rather NOT in his diaper) last night, at 2:30 AM.

(It took an hour to clean up.)

I've decided you aren't really a mom until: You have scrubbed poop out of hair, eye lashes, eye brows, fingers, finger nails, toes, behind the knees, out of clothes (including your own) sheets, bed rails... AT 2:30 AM.

LETS HAVE A CONTEST.(for kicks.)

Fill in the blank: 
You aren't really a mom until:

Go ahead. Try to scare me. 

*In other news: It happened 3, that's THREE, more times today. 

(I'm told that this is sometimes a symptom of teething. In that case, I'll take cleaning up poop all day over a screaming, cranky, feverish, hurting baby. Seriously.)

Happy Monday.


Aunt Merrilee said...

I love the poem and picture. Did you have to do a clean at Tara's or after you got home??

Sam said...

You aren't a Mom until you have two (or more) children throwing up on you at the same time. Or until you have to clean poop out of a bathtub. Or until you have to get up and care for the kids even when you are so sick you can barely move... there are so many :)

kimber said...

Until you get snot wiped on you and your FACE puked on.

jes said...

Just thought I would share one of my MANY poop stories...

I so feel your pain!

Wendy-n-Jason said...

You aren't a mom until your child throws up over your shoulder and it runs down your butt crack!

Amy said...

You aren't really a mom until: you're stuck in rush hour traffic & look in the rearview mirror to see your child projectile vomiting all over itself, carseat, car seats, ceiling, and anything else in sight.

heather said...

Oh man. These are good! Keep 'em coming!!

Meganis said...

you aren't a mom till your baby pees all over your lap on an airplane and it doesn't even phase you. in fact, you just sit there. And you don't change your clothes till late that night because you really just didn't have the time to care.

Wendy-n-Jason said...

You aren't a mom until you are pregnant, driving somewhere, and you artfully lean over and throw up into a garbage bag without even swerving, and then keep driving.

h. rae said...

Oh, my! I'm not a mom, so "poop in the eyelashes" made me squirm a bit! I am a dog-mom, however, and cleaned up 9 vomits in one day (one around 2 in the morning, in my BED, and one all over me) due to a bad reaction he had to a medication about a week ago. Does that count? LOL

Alisa said...

Wow. I've been a mom for 4.5 years so far and never have had to deal with anything as bad as these! I will remember this list the next time one of my kids throws up. haha

Laurie said...

Rachel Sue said...

I missed it! How did I miss this post? Ha. I still love it.

Riddlez said...

You know you're a mom when you have to clean said poopy diaper and can go right back to eating your lunch, a sandwich, without missing a beat.

Charlotte said...

If it makes you feel better, I could add scrubbing it out of their mouths, too. One kid learning to crawl + other kid potty training by leaving presents on the floor = a memory I WISH I could block.

You're aren't really a mom until ... you hide their favorite book because if you read it one more time your head will explode.

Bridget said...

Oh jeepers! Thanks for the chuckle! Sorry you had such a "crappy" night. That really stinks! LOL! Found you through MMB and loved my time spent stalking your blog. This post reminds me a bit of this one I did a while ago
Sometimes the best way to cope is to laugh!

Saimi said...

My kids are grown and gone and I'm still getting pooped on, coughed on, sneezed on, you name it the preschoolers have done it...Yep the joys of being a preschool teacher!