Monday, May 9, 2011

diapers, amish quilts, and angels

The Little Pirate has suddenly decided he hates having his diaper changed. Maybe I should make that a little more clear. He HATES having his diaper changed. The second I lay him down he is doing everything in his power to get away, all the while screaming & shrieking as though I am trying to cut his legs off. It's very distressing to me, and last night (around 3AM and immediately following a diaper change) I tried to figure out what was I doing that was wrong? Was I hurting him somehow? Did I change the wipes I use? Do they sting his little bum? He used to be very sweet and hold relatively still for me. 

I was mentally working on this little problem, and all the sudden I was thinking of the Amish people and their quilts. You've heard of their quilts right? They are so perfect, that they purposefully sew one flaw into each quilt. (I know this has something to do with their beliefs, I don't know what specifically.) Anyway, I couldn't get their quilts out of my head, and so I said a little prayer asking for me to be able to have a clear mind and to know what was going on with this diaper changing business.

Then I hear that voice that comes into my head sometimes say, "I'm going to tell you a story." And I imagined The Spirit pulling up a chair and sitting next to my bed.

There once was an angel, who had two wings that
could do everything that wings are meant to do.

One of her wings, however, had a piece missing.
It didn't affect the wing at all, other than
it made the wing a little less than perfect in appearance.

This bothered the angel. Everyday she'd spend time
trying to figure how she could fix it. 
When she looked at herself the only thing she noticed
was that small missing piece.
She became so focused on what she thought was a flaw,
that she forgot she had two working wings.
She forgot she could fly.

When the story was over, the Amish quilt rolled out, once again, in my mind. And I was taught:

The flaw is the mortal experience. It is only a very small part of a much bigger picture. You are still a child, you are still learning. Things like this diaper changing problem are going to happen. It is nothing you are doing wrong, it is part of what he has to learn. Don't get so caught up in the imperfections, when you do, you rob yourself of your power. 

I love being taught by the Spirit.

This morning though, when I went to change his diaper, I realized the fighting me business isn't coming to an end anytime soon. So I pinned him down with my legs, and worked as fast as possible. I think I'll begin doing some push-ups too, because this little boy is strong and fast and my job isn't going to be getting any easier.

Happy Monday.


Amanda Joy said...

This was a great post... I love the message.

(The end made me giggle with understanding:)

Sam said...

You are right on every point. Diaper changes won't get easier, but one thing I have noticed with Tennyson (now that he's old enough) I give him the choice to either lay down to get his diaper changed or I will lay him down, but either way it's happening. He ALWAYS without fail chooses to lay down and happily get his diaper changed. Mind you, he's 2 and this has only worked for about 6 months. Good luck until then :)

Missy said...

My 15-month old is the same way. I think he is worse than my older two boys. I have found distractions work most of the time. Does he have a toy he loves and will hold while you change his diaper?

Melanie said...

I almost forgot about that stage! With Owen I had to pin his legs down with my legs. For Carter, I usually change him on a changing table so I can't do that, but I always give him a toy or stuffed animal to distract him so he doesn't try to roll over.

Laurie said...

Charlotte AND her cousin Jett went through this stage at the same time. Luckily, they grow out of it! But yeah, babies are way stronger than they look!!

Momza said...

Wonderful. Enlightening. True!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I appreciated your insights. I have been though this crazy stage before--hopefully, it will be short lived. Then, he will moved on to taking it off once your put it on! :)

Jessica said...

Amish quilts contain a deliberate flaw because to make something perfect would be to challenge God. But its actually a myth.