Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my road to motherhood part 1

This, as you well know, is the week of Mother's Day -a Mother's Day, my friends, that I have been waiting for. I know that quite a lot of you already know my story, but I wanted to write it anyway. This is my journal, after all. 

I sat in the pew, listening to the talks on the joys of motherhood feeling all glowy inside. Next year, I thought, Next year, I'll be a mom. I'll have a baby of my own. The thoughts of babies, baby clothes, baby names, baby smiles, baby toes distracted me through most of the meeting. Before I knew it a deacon was handing me a candy bar -and Hubby's arm was around my waist as we made our way to Sunday School.

We'd only been married for half a year, but we were ready to begin a family. Having a baby was at the top of our priority list. I'd even quit my teaching job knowing full well that once I had a baby I wasn't going to want to go back to the classroom, and at that point I figured I'd be having a baby sometime the following spring.

I was forgetting the fact that sometimes people have fertility problems.


Rachel Sue said...

I love sagas. I am excited to hear the whole thing!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I'm happy the know at least part of the ending. :)