Thursday, September 29, 2011

moving walls

I seem to have hit a wall when it comes to writing. I have filed away in my brain at least 17 things I've wanted to blog about, but when I get the chance to sit down and write, I find the words spinning around in my brain like dust in a tornado. I try to catch them, and line them up into sentences, but keep finding that as soon as I get the last word in place the wind snatches them away again and after an entire naptime of starting and stopping, I'm left with nothing but a blank. It's very annoying.

This Alabama experience is one I thank my Heavenly Father for every day. Yes, living conditions are a little less than ideal. One room. No dishwasher. Super uncomfortable hotel bed. But on the upside: New friends. New experiences. New knowledge. Gratitude for what I have at home, waiting for me.

If we are not sleeping or eating, we are outside. The internet, which as I've mentioned before, is equivalent to dial-up. I've gone days at a time without facebook, You-Tube, Netflix... Somedays I don't even crack open the laptop. And I don't miss any of it.

Yesterday was rainy and wet. The Babe and I played with blocks, read books, watched a show, wrestled. I've learned how to make homemade bread -without a bread machine. Without a mixer. I've learned how to crochet. I've learned a little bit more about photography. I've met some amazing people.

I've always thought I had my priorities straight, but this little tiny room, with limited internet access, has opened my eyes to somethings I want more. So much more.

I'm ready to begin moving some walls. Walls that are preventing me from personal growth. That are sucking away my time.

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Laurie said...

I hear ya!!! Pinterest is my wall right now! In fact, just this morning, I decided not to get on it at all today. And it's amazing how strong that urge is to type in "" when I open my computer! Talk about addicting. But I'm not going to do it!!